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Pranjal kamra biography

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When I got interested in stock market I started studying about the stock market from books from websites and also from youtube but when I went at the youtube and searched about the stock market I found a men all over the youtube  whose explaining skills are too good and also he's got too much knowledge in finance and stock market. I used to watch his every video and got enough knowledge and courage from his videos that I able to bought my first stock  using the tips which he gave in the videos, am very much interested to know about him and am sure you also will be, if not today then tomorrow for sure. So I went to the search engine today and guess what....I  got surprised that his biography is still not available on wikipedia. But  I watched some of his interviews and want to share his story with you. I know there are many people like me in India who will be curious  to know about him but cannot find on any platforms. Ohhh so sorry I forget to tell you his name so his name is Pranjal Kamra. I know if you are here then definitely you know about him. Still let me tell you that he is the founder of finology and author of "Investonomy: The stock market guide that will make you rich". So in this blog we are going to have a little look on the story of Pranjal Kamra.

Who is Pranjal Kamra?

Pranjal Kamra is a value investor whose aim is just to empower investors by teaching them financial education through his youtube channel. He is also the CEO of Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which is the only financial advisory registered by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) in Chattisgarh. He is got degree in law from HNLU (Hydayatullah National Law University).

Pranjal kamra biography
Pic source; Pranjal kamra's profile

Let's get started with his educational life

He was never good as a student and also an introvert he always got nervous while talking to others. As his teachers were continuously used to  scold him because of his bad reading ability he used to read newspapers everyday loudly so that he can improve his speaking ability. His family has a academic background and so want to see him as a  good student. He never got interested in studies but in the childhood he got interested in business. He made his first earnings in the 5th standard by giving comics on the rent to the children. So at that age where all the children use to play all over the day he was learning how to talk to unknown people and how to do business but later on he saw that the comic business was getting down people were not interested anymore in reading the comics. So he started to sell the CD's when he was in 8th standard. Later on his speaking ability were so improved and he used to give all the debates in school. So his family thought that he is good in debate he can be a good lawyer. Then he got cleared the entrance of law and got  admission in Hydayatullah National Law University, Raipur. But soon he had realized that the law field isn't for him. Then when he was in 2nd year a movement was going on which was leading by Anna Hazare and he got interested and participated in that movement. Because of participating in that movement he almost absented a semester and when suddenly that movement got stopped he was very upset that he gave all the time to the movement and it got stopped. But however he got completed his college and got the degree.

How he got interested in Finance and stock market?

He and his father used to watch television together and they used to watch stock market news then he got interested in stock market and asked his father some money to invest in stock market and his father gave him around 20k rs to try stock market too. At that time he's got a new bike of TVS company and he got to know that TVS is listed on NSE and he bought the shares of TVS in 2014. He doesn't have any  knowledge of share market at that time however he made his first investment and you will got amazed to know that his investment got multiplied by 10 times. He he'd got more excited and over confident by seeing the returns of TVS and started buying stocks without any analysis and his decision gone wrong as result he faced losses and almost looses all  the capital. Then he realized that he has to recover all of the losses and he started researching about the stock market. Then he got to know about the master mind of stock market Warren Buffet. He studied about him and got inspired by his story. And as usual  he started to study about him and realized his mistakes which he had done while picking the stocks.

Pranjal kamra biography
Image source; Pranjal Kamra's profile

How his journey started in Investing?

As he got lose almost his all the capital so he was finding the way  to learn the stock market. Then he got to know about NISM (National Institute of Securities Market)  which is a specific institute of stock market and finance. He went to the college for the interview for admission and it was proven one of the best interview ever in that college. He did the one year course of stock market there and the course was proven the life changing incident for him. He learnt a lot about stock market their which results today he is generating good returns. In one of his Interview on Youtube he revealed that he has able to generate a 25% CAGR in last five years.

pranjal kamra biography

Origin of Finology

He saw that many advisors  are selling those plans to the clients in which the advisor would got the high commission doesn't matter the plan is good for client or not. Then he decided to stand against these frauds and decided to aware everyone about the stock market and finance. In june 2017 he launched a website and a youtube channel named finology. He used to write blogs on website and upload videos on youtube to spread awareness about stock market and he got too much response on his channel and website. Later on he got the license of advisory from SEBI for his company  Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd. located in Chattisgarh, Raipur. Now he is providing paid services like ideabag and freshpicks.

The company Finology is a advisory firm which provides the investment solutions to the investors and they aim to be the one point solution for investment. They provides four different products Finbox, Ideabag, Masterplan and Superfunds which includes the recommendations of buying stocks, mutual funds, health and life insurance.

Pranjal Kamra has launched two books till now, "Investonomy : The stock market guide that will make you rich" and "Mint your money".

Investonomy : The stock market guide that will make you rich 

On 2 january 2020 he launched a book named Investonomy. I have personally read it and am telling you it was too good. If you want to do something big in life you must read this book. You can buy it from here.

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Mint  your money 

Published by westland publications this book was launched on 15th february 2021. "Investing boils down to two major approaches one that succeeds and one that fails. Any investment methodology wherein the weightage of risk is higher than the profit is bound to fail. But it doesn't mean that you have limited options and you cannot create wealth after adjusting inflation. There are multiple ways to do so using the mix of instruments available. It is something that I have detailed out in my latest book 'Mint your Money'. Mint your Money is a distillation of my years of industry experience and is written keeping all types of investors keeping in mind. I sincerely hope it will help as many people as it  can". These was the words said by him while launching the book Mint your money.

The bottom line 

The above all the information's are taken from his interviews which are available on internet.

Pranjal Kamra is such a inspirational man. He is the one who proved that if you want to achieve something, you have to go through the hardwork and dedication. So let's end the article here. Goodbye and Happy investing!! ✌✌

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  1. Learnt Stock Market Terminologies, Started Finology Website (invested heavily in it) and since then trying to sell products. He has products for everything, what a CA will tell you in Rs. 5000 he will charge Rs. 25,000. On lines of Arindam Chaudhary.


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