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Hey guys,
I am glad to see you here and also very thankful to you that you read my blog and shown interest to know about me.
So I am Nitesh a Mechanical Engineer who use to live in Delhi, India since I was born. I have done diploma in Delhi, India but later on, I got interested in investments and finance when I started to work as an Insurance Advisor in TATA AIG GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED. Then I heard about the stock market. How the stock market can make you rich if you make investments mindfully. Then I started to learn about investments and stock market fundamentals and started some investments in stocks for the last 1 year. 

I am inspired by Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos story. The way they committed promises to themselves to reach the destination and they do. When I heard about stock markets I started researching the people who are almost ruling the market. I studied about Indian investors Rakesh jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia along with the mastermind of the market warren buffet. Then decided to make investments.

I am still learning about investments and finance then I thought how good it will be if I share what I learn so that the high research what i have to do to learn. Beginners should not need to do enough. So I made my blog named Invest-ology on which I use to write what I learn in simple words so that you don't need to do that much hard work which I am doing. I use to explain everything in simple words on my blog.

If you have any query regarding the blog you can simply contact me on investology30@gmail.com

Website- www.invest-ology.com

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